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In this immersive theatre event, you, the audience, are not a passive bystander. You are part of the story. We believe this is an exciting way to have new and engaging experiences.


You are not expected to perform, but you can expect the performers to interact and come into contact with you. You'll be walking, standing and sitting in various scenes. We will provide refreshments for you at certain times during the event.


Taragh Bissett

Taragh is an artist, graphic designer and performer. She has been involved in concepts and performances for many immersive and improvised performance events in London UK. These include You Me Bum Bum Train, Wiretapper, Imagining Chanel (by Adele Varcoe) and Secret Room at Universal Music Brits After-party.


Jez Jones

Jez is an experienced theatre professional, having worked 25 years in and around theatre, from stage management, directing to producing. He runs his own theatre company Notebook Theatre and also writes his own plays.

Assistant Producer

Erin Locke

Erin Locke is an experienced trainer and event manager. She is currently employed part time as simulation technician at Tauranga Hospital. This role includes simulating realistic medical emergencies using life-size simulation "dolls" and limbs for hospital staff training.

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Location: Te Puna, Tauranga, New Zealand

11th February 2017
6.30pm & 8PM